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Breaking The Silence: School Suicide And Prevention

Breaking The Silence: School Suicide And Prevention from Sentinel for School Safety on Vimeo.

fundraising page:
“All my life I was a little sister, For the first time I’ve had to learn how to be an only child and that really hurts… Kids have a lot of information about their friends that even their parents might not know, and that’s really dangerous.”
A powerful solution to stopping school violence and suicide rests in the hands of the students. A comprehensive national study of school suicides and school shootings by a collaboration of the Department of Education, the FBI and the Secret Service revealed that in most cases students have had information before hand that could have prevented these tragedies. It is time to help these students break the silence and get the right information to the right people before it is again too late.
Sentinel for School Safety (S3) is a suicide and violence prevention program that can be accessed 24 hours a day from a smart phone or web-enabled device. S3 is designed to reach the students where they live online, providing them the means to anonymously evaluate a situation and then connect to someone who can help through localized toolbox of school and community resources. S3 consolidates and expedites crowd-sourced information to those who can take action, circumnavigating the barriers and stigmas that often prevent the flow of vital information.
We need $20,000 to complete Sentinel for School Safety and make it available for Central Oregon students in the upcoming academic year. Following implementation in Bend, our goal to make S3 available for schools across the state and country. Please join us, fellow community leaders and the Leyes family, in our effort to help students break the silence and prevent future tragedies.

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